Coeliac safe gluten free eating on the North Shore

gluten free slice birkenhead north shore
Photo: Woodside Cafe

The North Shore, as well as having Auckland’s most beautiful beaches, has awesome gluten free cafés and restaurants. For coeliacs, here are our picks of the best gluten free restaurants to dine at (tried, tested, and never made us ill). Our recommendations are split into Takapuna, Devonport and Birkenhead gluten free restaurants.

Gluten free cafés and restaurants in Takapuna, North Shore


Mimosa makes the best smoothies in Takapuna, and also offer a good vegan selection. The food here is served quickly and they have some cabinet food for takeaway.


This café has several gluten free options and is our pick of the bunch for brunch in Takapuna with non-gluten free companions. The menu changes frequently, making the most of what is in season.

Street Organics

vegan gluten free breakfast at street organics takapuna
Photo: Vegan Breakfast by Street Organics

Come here for the big vegan breakfast–yum! Perfect after a workout, but don’t try to finish it, it’s huge. They have a range of organic, vegan and gluten free cabinet food, so this is also a perfect spot to meet someone for a coffee and slice.

The Coop

If you’re in the mood for jerk fried chicken and sides, The Coop, on Hurstmere Road, is the spot to head to. With twelve different flavours (all gluten free) to choose from, such as kimchi, harissa, smokey or original chipotle, they will satisfy your flavour craving! All sides are gluten free, including fries, hushpuppies, mac n cheese and salads.

Burger Burger

burger burger
Photo: Burger Burger

Burger Burger, on Hurstmere Road, makes delicious burgers. It’s not exclusively gluten free, so prepare to talk to your server to confirm you need them to take gluten free precautions. You can opt for a vegan and gluten free burger bun, or a “bunnuce”. The bunnuce is a lettuce wrap, arriving looking like a kebab, which is significantly easier to eat than the traditional lettuce bun many restaurants offer. There’s also a Burger Burger in Ponsonby.

Francs has the most beautiful setting but we only recommend it for a drink. When we dined at Francs, they brought out a whole gluten free menu, but upon discussion with their team, not a single item on that menu was actually cooked in a way that made it gluten free. They ended up improvising a pork belly dish, which was fine, but we couldn’t help feeling nervous when their entire team was so uneducated about what gluten free is supposed to mean.

Coffee Club uses “low gluten” labelling, so is not suitable for coeliacs. Perfectly fine for a regular coffee though!

Gluten free cafés and restaurants in Devonport, North Shore


Asahi (on Clarence Street) offers a few gluten free sushi options and a few items on their evening menu. If you’re getting sushi, tell them you need gluten free and they will offer you to use their bottle of gluten free soy sauce that they keep behind the counter. Their sushi is great for takeaway, and sitting down at Windsor Reserve, or eating on the ferry to Auckland City or Waiheke Island.

The Living Room

Visit The Living Room for smoothies, lunch or delicious sweet treats that are both vegan and gluten free. This is the stand out café in Devonport for coeliacs (and vegans).

Photo: Manuka


A legendary Devonport restaurant, Manuka is family friendly and offers a good selection of meals for gluten free diners. Their risotto is particularly good!

Gluten free cafés and restaurants in Birkenhead, North Shore


curry at mulan birkenhead north shore auckland
Photo: Mulan

South East Asian food reigns here. Favourites like papaya salad, pad thai and rendang are on the menu. They can make most of the dishes gluten free. Mulan also allow BYO wine, making this restaurant a lovely place to share a meal with friends.

Woodside Café

This small, but coeliac-safe, café is a nice spot for a light lunch or a morning coffee stop with its gluten free cabinet food.

gluten free lemon meringue pie sugar cafe auckland north shore
Photo: Chelsea Sugar

Sugar Café

As part of the Chelsea Sugar Factory, their Sugar café has a few gluten free selections in the cabinet. You must get there in the morning though as they are usually sold out of gluten free treats by noon. The café also has a menu if you’re up for a meal. While here, why not take a walk along the waterfront and bush tracks, or check out the factory’s tour?

Gluten free restaurants in nearby locations

The vegan apple custard donut – very tasty!

DONUTS at Wen & Yen Bakery in Constellation Drive

Just off Constellation Drive (Upper Harbour Highway motorway exit) is Wen & Yen. Come here for gluten free (AND VEGAN) donuts ($5 ea)! They have other rare gluten free options too, like hot pies. You won’t regret a pit stop here. They also offer delivery for a small fee which is worth it if you’re making a large order.

The only downside is that Wen & Yen only serve gluten free food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re into markets, keep an eye out for them at the Coatesville Market.

General tips for coeliac safe gluten free eating in Auckland

Auckland Central/CBD

Auckland Central is a short drive or ferry ride from the Shore, so it’s another option for a nice meal. Check out our guide to our favourite Auckland Central restaurants.


Heading further afield? Our Ponsonby guide for gluten free cafes and restaurants helps you uncover the best spots for coeliacs among the hundreds of options in Auckland’s hippest neighbourhood.


Please share with us! Where is your favourite gluten free cafe or restaurant on the North Shore? Is it on our list?

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