Gluten free Madrid: coeliac/celiac safe restaurants

Eating gluten free in Madrid, the city famous for its delicious food, is easy. In Spanish, you’re looking for “sin gluten” labels. Most servers are knowledgeable about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, say “soy celiaco” If you’re a lad or “soy celiaca” for the ladies. The first c in celiaca is soft with a “s” sound and the second is a hard c like a “k”. So it sounds like “see-lee-ah-ka”.

Our list of the best gluten free eating options in Madrid is sorted by type: fast food, bakeries, supermarket eats and tapas restaurants.

Gluten free fast food in Madrid

As a coeliac traveller, it’s important to know how to get food when you’re tight on time. Our fast food section has places you’ll be able to get a meal within ten minutes.

100 Montaditos

gluten free montaditos at atocha madrid

This beloved and buzzing chain has a sin gluten meal option for coeliacs. The menu has two mini sandwiches, a handful of potato crisps and a wine/gluten free beer for € 5. There are only two flavours of montadito available (cajun chicken and smoked bacon), but no complaining here as they are safely pre-prepared. The montaditos are cooked and served while wrapped in their plastic, so they will not get contaminated by the 100 other sandwich flavours that the kitchens pump out.

Check this list to ensure the 100 Montaditos you’re headed to offers the sin gluten menu. As a summary, the stores are located at: Atocha (end of Paseo del Prado), Puerta de Toledo (Embajadores), Ferrocarril (Delicias), Calle del Principe (Cortes) and Calle de la Princesa (near Plaza de Espana and Templo de Debod).


Littered throughout Madrid, at Rodilla you can choose one of three sandwich flavours. The sandwiches are pre-prepared and frozen. They toast them in the oven when you order. It’s about € 4 for a sandwich that is filling for a basic lunch or dinner.

Maestro Churrero

This churro shop has two locations around the corner from each other. The “tradicional” hot chocolate is gluten free and they carefully cook pre-made gluten free churros in a mini deep fryer for us coeliacs. Get one cup of hot chocolate and 8 churros between two for about € 7,50.

Vips (an American style diner) and Ginos (Italian restaurant) also have GF options, but they’re not quite as “fast” as the chains above.

Gluten free bakeries in Madrid


The great benefit of Celicioso is knowing there are gluten free café meal options as well as cakes. Celicioso has four outposts, so it’s easy to plan your itinerary around stopping into one. There’s even one at the top of El Corte Ingles at Plaza Callao, with the great night-time view onto Gran Via.

La Oriental Sin Gluten Pasteleria

This bakery makes THE best treats! It’s one block back from the entrance to the Teleferico (gondola) at Parque Oeste, next to the Egyptian Templo de Debod. Consider getting fresh loaves of bread, savoury or sweet pastries and cakes and take your picnic to the heart of Casa de Campo on a sunny day. It is mind-blowing being in a bakery with what feels like a hundred different baked goods. You’ll be so spoilt for choice. Go hungry and be prepared to want to stock up!

The range includes classics like palmeras to empanadas to anchovy pastries to mini cream cakes. We even got a customised gluten free birthday cake here. It was € 23 euro for an incredible coconut cream and chocolate truffle layered sponge cake. They have other mini and large cakes available in a cabinet for on-the-spot pick up, which all look beautiful.

Gluten free supermarket snacks

For eating on the run

  • Yopro high-protein yoghurt drink by Danone
  • Most brands of Tarta de Queso (a baked cheesecake)
  • Pre-packaged fruits and nuts
  • Most cured meats (look for “jamon”)
  • Cheeses (“queso”)
  • Gluten free “picos” (tiny bite-sized baguettes toasted, similar to bagel chips)
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice (zumo de naranja), available at many supermarkets

For a quick heat at your accommodation

  • Tortilla Espanola – We didn’t find a single one of the famous egg and potato omelette in Madrid that wasn’t sin gluten. You can eat one at any time of the day! A 500g tortilla (the standard size) will feed two people or one super hungry coeliac.
  • Fresh soups in the chiller sections
  • El Corte Ingles has the best selection of gluten free products (closely followed by Mercadona). If you have one nearby, check out the freezer sections for a vast range of specialty gluten free foods, like pizza, churros and pastas.

Gluten free tapas in Madrid

Taberna La Concha

A gluten free favourite in Madrid! At La Concha, you’ll get a free tapa with your drink at the bar (the first one is always a gluten free cracker with goats’ cheese – delish). They have about twenty gluten free dishes, good gluten free bread and house made vermouth. Try their signature cocktail, a gin mist, vermouth with an olive and twist of orange garnish!

Mercado de San Miguel

Only a few gluten free options at the most famous mercado in Madrid. We recommend playing it safe and getting cheese from the cheese stall. The six pieces of cheese with two wines is the perfect size for a hearty snack for two. Afterwards, you could walk three minutes to El Mini Bar for a tapas hopping night!

El Mini Bar

A little tapas bar in the heart of La Latina with lots of gluten free options. The decor is cute and colourful, and the serving team here are friendly. We recommend a booking at dinner time on a Friday and Saturday since it’s very popular. Try the grilled goat cheese, with coriander (cilantro) and caramelised tomato- it’s almost halloumi-like in texture and flavour. Another standout was the succulent calamari, tasting just like the normal non-gluten version. Portions here are very generous and prices reasonable. Two people can have a veritable feast here for € 30.

Solo de Croquetas

Craving some deep-fried goodness? This cosy bar only serves gluten free croquetas and drinks, including gluten free beer. It’s popular with locals and very close to both Salmon Guru (one of the best bars in Madrid) and Maestro Churrero, so you could make a nice evening in this neighbourhood. We reckon the best flavour is the Rula, with goat cheese and red bell pepper. They also have super decadent dessert croquetas, the oreo flavour is almost sickly sweet but good!

El Arrozal       

gluten free paella

Our experience here was a nicely flavoured paella, but the very dry meat and the restaurant pricing was a drawback. Overall, it’s in a convenient location if you’re yearning for a worry-free and gluten free paella.


It’s not always about eating in Madrid. There’s a lively cocktail scene, and they all cater to coeliacs. Most cocktail bars don’t have any gluten containing ingredients in their bar, just the packaged snacks they’ll often serve as an accompaniment.

If you’re into cocktails, check our guide to cocktails in Madrid (to be published soon!).

Travelling and looking for inspiration?

Check our destination guides and gluten free guides to some of our favourite places!


Please share with us! What are your favourite Madrid spots for gluten free eating?

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