How to involve special people in your wedding ceremony

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It’s nice to be able to acknowledge the people who are special to us by involving them in your wedding ceremony. If you have a bridal party, you’ll have already chosen some of your closest friends to support you in this special role. But what if there are other people that you’d like to acknowledge? A friend or family member who is important to you but isn’t suitable as a bridal party member for whatever reason? Here’s how to involve special people in your wedding ceremony:

Witnessing the wedding

You can ask your special friends and family members to witness your signing of your marriage legal paperwork. You usually have one witness for each signature, so as a couple you can ask two people to witness the signing. This is a very special position and is a great honor to provide to someone that has held a special role in your life for a long time.

Reading an excerpt

You usually can customize the ceremony content to your taste. You could ask someone to read a special excerpt, poem, piece of advice or prayer during your wedding.

Your extra-special people can welcome the guests into your wedding ceremony

A “job” often assigned to relatives, it is nice to have a couple of representatives from each family to welcome the guests, help them find a seat and answer any questions they might have. You can show appreciation to the people that you ask, and convey that it’s more than delegating a task, by providing them with a corsage or buttonhole that matches the bridal flowers.

Handing out confetti/bubbles/rice

During the signing of the registry, you can ask someone to hand out cones of confetti to the guests sitting along the aisle.

Handing the rings to the officiant

During the ceremony, the officiant will request for the rings to be presented. While this job traditionally fell to the best man, you can ask anyone you like to perform this duty. Make sure they will arrive early to the wedding so you can hand the rings over before the ceremony begins.

What if the special people you want to involve in your ceremony includes your pet?

Your special person might even be your pet. Couples sometimes choose to include their pets if they feel their pet’s temperament and behavior is good enough to handle the excitement of a wedding. Some couples attach a GoPro to their dog to get cute video footage while others have their pet walk down the aisle carrying the rings in a little pouch attached to their collar. If you’re keen to include your pet in your wedding, make a plan for where they will go (and how) after the ceremony and photos are complete.


Do you have any ideas for how to involve special people in your wedding ceremony? If so, please do comment below to share the inspiration with our readers! Also, check out our other articles on weddings!

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